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Hello all! Missed me?

Long time no see! Sometimes, (apparently once a year) I come around to see you all and sometimes read a thing or two and okay, I had over 300 friend adding request and 900 comments and I'm sorry, but I can't accept them all and answer to every one. So I accepted for the first 50 requests pretty much and read through some comments. Thank you all for still loving me ♥ I did give a permission to spread around my stories to those who can't read them. So high five for us all!

I miss writing. I miss it so much. And I do still write. I actually have my very own story in my computer which I'm writing whenever I get the time and intereset.

Anyways, today I come here with puppy eyes and a request. My boyfriend has started this car related show at youtube and he does everything for it himself. He films, edits, everything. So if you could all go give him views and thumbs up for the first 3 videos, I would really love you (and maybe post something up if the hoped amount of views is gotten ;) )

Here's a link to the channel. And here's the most recent video.

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Official good bye

I’ve come to the realization that for me to say I’m going to do this is pointless for one; because I simply do not have the time and for two, I really don’t follow these two anymore. I don’t even listen to KAT-TUN anymore. I found out like last week Koki isn’t part of the group anymore. Sometimes I look up Akanishi to see what he’s up to, but pretty rarely.

I’m sorry that I didn’t finish these stories. I really am. But I’m not going to delete anything. I’m keeping it all here. I’m going to add as much friends as my blog allows in order that they have added me and I’m not replying to the 200 messages I’ve gotten. I thank you all generally who wished me happy birthday here two weeks ago even if I haven’t updated this blog in over a year. And I thank you all whose been following me for all my years.

I might not write fanfiction anymore, but I do still write. And I’m going to start a blog. If you’d be interested, comment below and maybe I’ll link it here. I’m not going to open my fics, but if someone wants, I allow people to copy them and send them to others. (I’m hoping for some credit tho)

I’m sorry.

I appreciate all your support.

Thank you.

Good bye.
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One-shot | Just business | part 2/8

Title: Just Business
Author: kyu_x</lj>
Beta: dirtypopgurl
Main pairing(s): Akame
Side pairing(s): Kamepi, Pin, Kamepin, Ryo/Erika, Jin/Kii
Banner: kawaiikame</lj>
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: Yamapi's the perfect boyfriend in all the ways that are important to Kazuya, so if their sex life isn't ideal, it's not the end of the world. At least that's what Kazuya tells himself until Jin offers to help them with their problem, and Kazuya discovers exactly what's been missing from his relationship.
Part 2/8
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SPN ☆ Dean/Castiel ○ Fail

Multi-chapter | I'm looking at you through the glass | epilogue

Title: I’m looking at you through the glass
Author: kyu_x
Beta: dirtypopgurl</lj>
Main pairing(s): Akame
Banner: kawaiikame</lj>
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: When Kamenashi Tarou succeeds president Miyazagi and becomes the president, he assigns Akanishi Jin, a Secret Service agent to Kazuya's security detail. Kazuya finds his personal Secret Service agent quite his type and decides to play with him a bit, when Jin just wants out of Japan, maybe to America. But as usual, the universe has other plans.


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